About Us

Since JAZ MARINE’s inception, we have built a reputation for excellence & integrity within the field of freight forwarding, supplying a complete range of logistics services for goods of all kinds.

Recognized as a premium supplier of end-to-end supply chain services in Morocco, we are specialized in freight transportation from LCL and FCL, huge project cargo shipments in some of the world’s most inaccessible destinations, the major logistics hubs around the world as well.

So as to fit our expansion strategy, each member of our team is being at the leading edge of our business to become your true logistics partner.

As an expert freight forwarder, we can save you all sorts of time, money and energy since we have a huge network of agents as well as a strong consolidated partnership with shipping lines & airlines, so we are able to negotiate better terms due to the high volume of containers we move. It is usually worth hiring one of these teams to relieve you of some of the hassles. You already have enough to worry about.

We also promise to adjust our processes to fit your needs. We know things can change quickly and we will adjust with you to keep you moving forward. We offer flexibility in how your shipments are handled and we are always sourcing the best solutions for you.

Leadership affects the confidence of our team and whether they see mistakes as opportunities for learning or failures that damage the self-worth of the employee. Leadership in our company cultivates the foundation of culture to empower employees to achieve the company mission and realize how vital each of their contributions is to furthering those goals.

We have a network of more than 4500 agents in the most important ports and airports in the world and we are able to handle all types of logistic operations from the simplest consolidated cargo to the most complex project across the globe.

The main strength of JAZ MARINE remains its staff. We are committed to creating value for our employees by offering them rewarding careers, quality workplace and work-life balance.

As we continue to grow and expand, we are constantly investing in the development of our people, building a winning team by recruiting young talent